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Simon Berger 千錘百鍊的美學 突破物理上限界

瑞士當代藝術家 #SimonBerger 以敲擊和錘擊的技巧在玻璃上創作一系列傑出畫作,建立出他獨特的藝術語言。於 Berger 來說錘子不是用作破壞的工具,而是創造藝術的重要工具,透過掌握不同的錘擊力度和頻率調配其作品最終的對比度和色調。玻璃是一種反復無常、難以預測的藝術媒介,Berger卻掌握了其獨特的可塑性,他利用玻璃的千變萬化打造出令人驚嘆的震撼視覺效果。

在愛上玻璃藝術之前,Berger 曾嘗試過以其他媒介進行藝術創作。他的藝術之旅始於用噴壺繪製的肖像畫,並在木工背景的啟發下延伸至木製工藝品。他還利用廢舊車身進行拼裝創作,因而令他對機械產生濃厚的興趣,而在考慮如何處理汽車擋風玻璃時,他萌生了以玻璃進行創作的想法。Berger 對人臉非常著迷,而這種著迷都反映在他的藝術作品中。在強化玻璃上,圖案彷彿有了自己的生命,吸引著觀眾深入探索這從抽象模糊轉變為具象感知的迷人過程。他的藝術創作不單讓人驚嘆和佩服,讓觀眾見證在破壞的力量下的美麗誕生。

Swiss contemporary artist Simon Berger‘s distinctive artistic language delves into the depth of his material, glass, through a series of striking and cracking hammer blows. Glass is a capricious and unpredictable medium for artistic expression, yet Berger has mastered its unique sculptural gesture. Through his controlled shattering of glass and the resulting fractures, Berger allows beauty to emerge. Instead of being a tool of destruction, the hammer becomes a tool of artistic amplification. The intensity and frequency of the hammer blows determine the contrasts and shades of the final product.

Before discovering his love for glass art, Berger experimented with other mediums. His artistic journey began with portraits painted with spray cans and progressed to woodwork, inspired by his background in carpentry. He also worked with used car bodies to create assemblages, as he has an affinity for mechanics. While contemplating what to do with a car windshield, he came up with the idea of working with glass. Berger is fascinated by human faces, and this fascination is reflected in his art. On safety glass, the motifs take on a life of their own, captivating the viewer and transforming from abstract fogging to figurative perception – a captivating process of discovery. His art suscitates wonder and awe, reminding us of the power of destruction to create something truly beautiful.


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