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Lucie Chang Fine Arts / He Jia Quantum

Lucie Chang Fine Arts / He Jia Quantum

「 微熹 」 和嘉個展

展覽時間:2024年5月4日 – 2024年6月22日


Lucie Chang Fine Arts 將呈現納西族藝術家和嘉(生於1976年)的個展「微熹」。這次展覽將展示他物質幻象的繪畫作品,以傳達透過視覺媒介在不確定的領域中創造出被虛無所包圍的視覺體驗,顯示出視覺的自由同時存在著邊界。


和嘉生於雲南,現居北京,他曾在世界各地的藝術機構舉辦個展和群展,包括韓國、美國、新加坡、泰國和德國等地。他的作品被中國美術館、澳大利亞白兔美術館、Robert Chaney基金會等知名美術館和基金會收藏。最近,他的繪畫語言經歷了一次劇烈的變化,離開了過去對社會消費和全球化娛樂的關注,更加注重記錄日常生活中的個體,追求充滿詩意的節奏。然而,在處理畫面時,他仍然喜歡濃重的筆觸,善用奇特的視覺元素,以具象的技法掌握抽象的主題。






4 May – 22 June 2024

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to present the solo exhibition "Quantum" featuring the artwork of He Jia, a Naxi artist born in 1976. This exhibition showcases his paintings of material illusions, aiming to convey a visual experience surrounded by the void in the realm of uncertainty. It demonstrates the coexistence of visual freedom and boundaries.

He Jia, born in Yunnan and currently based in Beijing, has held solo and group exhibitions at art institutions worldwide, including South Korea, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, and Germany. His works are collected by renowned museums and foundations such as the National Art Museum of China, the White Rabbit Gallery in Australia, and the Robert Chaney Foundation. Recently, his artistic language has undergone a significant transformation, departing from his previous focus on social consumption and globalized entertainment to a greater emphasis on documenting individuals in everyday life and pursuing rhythm filled with poetry. However, in handling the composition, he still favors bold brushstrokes and employs peculiar visual elements to grasp abstract themes using representational techniques.

He Jia excels at expressing abstraction within figurative representations, often imbuing his brushstrokes with a spiritual aura, traversing through a colorful ocean. His recent works not only feature bright and vibrant colors that fill the entire canvas in a figurative manner but also exhibit a shift towards darker tones and deeper patterns, bringing together the interplay of abstraction and representation. Through the timeline of He Jia's artistic journey, his works reflect a deepening and introspective change in emotional sensitivity as one progresses into middle age, gradually perceiving the multi-layered progression of thoughts. He Jia believes that the artistic language and modes of expression in painting are closely related to the core spirit and evolving developments of contemporary technology. He constantly explores new methods and materials, engaging in interdisciplinary experiments, striving to achieve new breakthroughs in art.

The exhibition comprises two series of works: "Acidic Quantum" and "Transformative Quantum". Through these artworks, He Jia attempts to convey that visual art, much like knowledge, always exists on the unstable edge. Just like the quantum world, matter is not composed of matter itself; reality is merely the existence of possibilities, and intangible entities constantly oscillate between certainty and uncertainty. The perception of the internet and electronic precognition has altered the scale of senses, giving rise to a new reality where blended realities become a "hybrid" of "virtual perception, cyber perception, and super-perception" through variations in technology and states of consciousness.

The concept of “Quantum” represents the quantum flickering in the micro world. Through the radiance emanating from the quantum, both acid quantum and transformative quantum will continue to illuminate the micro world.


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