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Long Story Short NYC Whisper in Stillness

Long Story Short Gallery is now presenting “Whisper in Stillness”, the first overseas solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Wong Sze Wai @wong_sze_wai .

Inspired by the ancient #DunHuang murals, Wong’s creations unveil a world of forgotten relics and historical artifacts, inviting viewers to delve into a mesmerizing adventure of exploration. The observer is prompted to ponder questions like “Where is this place?” and “Who were its inhabitants?”


Wong weaves a rich tapestry of visual elements, from ancient Greek statues to Chinese terracotta warriors, half-drawn curtains to shattered fences, unattended suitcases to the fireplace from the movie #HomeAlone . Each element carries concealed meanings, beckoning the audience to unravel the secrets of this serene world suspended in time.

The allure intensifies with the presence of empty chairs, a recurring motif spanning cultures and history, embodying contemplation; anticipation, and the echoes of untold stories.

Visit Wong Sze Wai’s solo exhibition “Whisper in Stillness” for more works that transcend boundaries, where every stroke reveals a hidden narrative waiting to be uncovered…

🗓️ Jan19 - Feb18, 2024

🕰️ 12pm - 6pm (Wed - Sun)

54E Henry St. New York, NY 10002

位於美國紐約的 Long Story Short 畫廊現正舉辦「 Whisper in Stillness 」,香港藝術家 #黃詩慧 的首個海外個人展覽。

蒙受古代 #敦煌壁畫 的啟發,黃氏的作品創造了一個被遺忘的世界,帶領觀眾展開一場耐人尋味的冒險之旅。在畫中的暗示下,我們或許會提出:「這是什麼地方?」、「誰來過這裡?」等問題。

黃氏的作品交織了豐富的視覺元素,從古希臘雕像到中國兵馬俑、從半垂的膠幕到破碎的柵欄,從路邊的行李箱到電影 #寶貝智多星 中的壁爐,每個元素都蘊含著它隱密的意義,就像在這片寂靜世界中的耳語,呼喚著觀眾們解開這個靜觀世界內的秘密。

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