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Dustin Yellin / This Artist Makes Window Sandwiches.

American artist #DustinYellin @dustinyellin describes his unique art as “window sandwiches,” featuring life-size sculptures layered with multimedia collage and paint, creating surreal visions encased in glass or acrylic.

One of his most iconic series “ Psychogeographies ” showcases collage sculptures in human forms, bursting with vibrant imagery inspired by the natural world. These eye-dazzling works shift from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, depending on the viewer’s position.

His creations offer immersive journeys into worlds brimming with toys, memories, and dreams. They blend snippets of popular music, philosophy, reproduced images and texts to reflect the complexities of our conscious and subconscious experiences.

🧊 Psychogeographies

🧑🏻‍🎨 @dustinyellin

📹 Instagram @dustinyellin / YouTube @Molten Immersive Art, nycballet


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