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Are Humans Really That Different From Robots?

Are Humans Really That Different From Robots?

In 2016, the Guggenheim Museum @guggenheim commissioned its first-ever robotic artwork.

Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu created ”Can’t Help Myself,“ a robotic arm that has one specific lifelong mission: to prevent a blood-like liquid from spilling.

Initially, the robot interacted extensively with the audience through a “happy dance” performance while striving to avoid any leaks.

As time passed, the situation changed. The robotic arm began to rust and decelerate and the spills became uncontrollable.

Powered by electricity rather than hydraulics the robot spent its entire existence fulfilling a purpose it did‘nt require, misguided by the system it was part of.

🦾 Can’t Help Myself, 2016


📹 YouTube@Guggenheim Museum, POPCINEMA, Michael Janairo, Luis Michal


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