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最神秘的當代塗鴉家 真實身分其實一早已被公開?

#Banksy #班克斯 是一位匿名,卻亦是當今最炙手可熱街頭藝術家。他的作品轟動全球,估計累積五千萬英鎊財富。調查顯示他的 《 #女孩與氣球 》 是英國最受歡迎的藝術品。

班克斯拍賣史上最昂貴的畫作是 《 #愛在垃圾桶裡 》,該畫作於 2021 年在蘇富比拍賣行以 1860 萬英鎊成交,三年升價 18 倍。

該作品在 2018 年拍賣會上,成交後竟開始 「 自毀 」 ,雖然最終只毀了其中一半。此舉即時轟動社會各界,班克斯則強調這是他反對資本主義的聲明。

記者 #ClaudiaJoseph 早於 2008 年曾質疑班克斯扮演 「 藝術界羅賓漢 」 以達至名利雙收,與他營造的清高形象背道而馳。

根據她最新的文章,班克斯展覽策展人 Michel Boersma 曾經表示:公開班克斯的身份將消除他的神秘感,「 而神秘感可以賺錢 」。

直至近日,班克斯的身份再次成為人們關注的焦點。事源 BBC 公開了一段 2003 年的訪談,班克斯向記者表示他的名字是 「 羅比 」。

班克斯曾揚言 「 版權是保障失敗者的 」,近年卻多番向大小品牌提出版權訴訟;甚至曾號召小偷侵犯涉事商店,一度引起爭議。



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Banksy, a famous street artist goes by a pseudonym, has become a global sensation with an estimated £50 million fortune. His artwork, #GirlwithBalloon, has been recognised as the most beloved piece of art in the UK.

Banksy’s most expensive painting ever sold at auction was Love is in the Bin which was sold in 2021 at #Sothebys for £18.6 million.

At its Sotheby‘s auction in 2018, the work began to “self-destruct” after the hammer fell. The public was shocked by such unprecedented (though half done) act, which was claimed to be a statement against capitalism.

In 2008, Journalist Claudia Joseph questioned the impact of Banksy’s anonymity on his mystique. Despite the noble image he was trying to portray, Banksy‘s persona as the ”Robin Hood of Art“ has garnered him both significant fame and fortune.

According to Joseph’s latest article, curator of The Art of Banksy, Michel Boersma, believes revealing Banksy’s identity would take away mystery surrounding his art – “and mystique makes money.”

Only recently has Banksy‘s identity come back into the spotlight. In a 2003 interview with BBC, Banksy revealed his name was ”Robbie.“

Despite Banksy’s statement that ”copyright is for losers“, he has filed several copyright lawsuits in recent years. His controversial call on shoplifters to invade stores has also raised eyebrows.

An artist‘s actual behaviour should match the image he/she created? Does it matter to you?

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