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【 EngSub 】#藝術專訪 #潘星瑋 │ 專訪當代雕塑藝術家 │ 三圍雕塑完美觀賞角度存在嗎?

Arlevard 非常榮幸邀請香港 - 澳洲雕塑藝術家潘星瑋 #AntonPoon 進行專訪,坦誠分享這位當代雕塑藝術家如何踏上其個人藝術之路,剖析他對使用獨特金屬物料的箇中因由之餘,同時也分享他在建立作品系列時的各種想法,包括作品背後所擁抱的理念、作品鑑賞角度及作品用色技巧等。

與此同時,潘星瑋的全新雕塑個展也正在 #10號贊善里畫廊 舉行中。此次展覽分為兩個部分: 基座式作品系列「 #RUBIKS 」及 壁掛作品系列「 #CRYSTALS 」。這兩個系列作品由彩繪鋼材組成相互連接的幾何圖案,呈現複雜的結構關係,探索人類互動的情感連結。有意進一步了解他的雕塑作品的讀者們,敬請前往欣賞!


#潘星瑋 #AntonPoon @anton.p.s.w 於1989年出生於香港,13歲時前往澳洲。他擁有 @ouranu 澳洲國立大學的雕塑高級碩士學位,同時也在該校獲得了雕塑學士學位 ( 榮譽 )。他還在坎培拉公立技術學院獲得了視覺藝術與設計的高級文憑。他獲得多個獎項,包括:2022 年法國興業銀行當代藝術收藏大獎、2022 年香港文化創意產業大獎第六屆獲獎者、2021 年蒙迪亞爾藝術學院 國際藝術專業獎亞軍和進入 2020 年巴塞隆納 Artbox Projects 半決賽。


Anton Poon 私人工作室 及 10號贊善里畫廊

Arlevard is thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Anton Poon, a Hong Kong-Australian artist famous for his contemporary sculptures. Poon shares his personal journey as an artist, his inspiration behind using unique metal materials, and his ideas when creating his series of works. He delves into the concepts behind his pieces, the perspective of appreciating them, and the colour techniques he uses.

Meanwhile, 10 Chancery Lane @10chancerylanegallery is presenting Poon's new sculptures from Oct 5 - Nov 9, 2023. The exhibition is in two parts, the “Rubiks” (pedestal based works) and the “Crystals” (wall mounted works). This new series of works made of painted steel consist of interconnected and geometrical patterns with complex relationships of form that investigate ideas surrounding human interaction and relationships, with a specific focus on the contrasting concepts of distance and intimacy, emotions and connections, and complexity and delicacy. If one module were to collapse, everything would tumble—a commentary on the significance of support and collaboration in achieving a greater good within modern society.

About Artist

Anton Poon was born in Hong Kong in 1989 and went to Australia at the age of 13. He has an advanced Masters of Visual Arts degree in Sculpture from Australian National University, where he also received his Bachelor’s of Visual Arts (Hon) in Sculpture. He received an advanced Diploma of Visual Art and Design from Canberra Institute of Technology.

📍Shooting Location

Anton Poon private studio and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery


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