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山中智郎 / 神秘黑髮女子是誰?結合傳統工藝的插畫師

山中智郎 / 神秘黑髮女子是誰?結合傳統工藝的插畫師

日本藝術家 #山中智郎 @yamanakatomoro2 出生於1997年,2020年在大分藝術大學完成學業後正式開始了插畫家生涯,而他目前正居住在福岡。

山中 《 美麗的秀髮 》 系列以濃黑長髮的神秘女子為主角,靈感源自著名模特兒 #山口小夜子 ,希望藉著這些作品深入探討每個人背後美麗和悲傷的故事。他利用日本傳統色彩及工藝技術,與膠帶遮蓋和插畫技巧相互融合,打造這些別樹一幟的作品。黑色的秀髮採用了「 刷痕 」技巧,讓隨機散落的痕跡最終殊途同歸在既定的軌跡上,象徵著人生的命運流轉。

Japanese artist #TomoroYamanaka, born in 1997, embarked on his career as an illustrator after graduating from Oita University of Arts in 2020. Currently situated in Fukuoka, he is known for his renowned series ”Beautiful Hair (Urukami)“, drawing inspiration from the model #SayokoYamaguchi from the Showa era. His works delve into the beauty and sadness present in every individual by merging traditional Japanese colors and techniques with contemporary illustration methods. Yamanaka employs brush marking techniques to depict the long black hair, symbolizing a sense of fate in life as the trace and marks eventually blend together on a shared path. Yamanaka values the beauty of evolution and aging, blending a historical approach with modern relevance.

📷 Tomoro Yamanaka

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