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YIDI ART x Chemistry Gallery 絲印聯展 In Between: A Cultural Exchange Through Prints

香港 YIDI ART @yidiartgallery 與捷克 Chemistry Gallery @thechemistrygallery 現正聯合舉辦當代版畫聯展「 In Between 」,展開一場中歐和亞洲之間的文化交流。

這次更獲得捷克共和國駐香港總領事館 @consulategeneralczhk 支持,邀請八位傑出的歐洲藝術家參展,包括Markéta Kolářová @marketa__kolarova 、Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková @lujindrakskrivankova 、Laura Limbourg @laura.limbourg 、Maria Makeeva @maria.makeeva 、Michal Bačák @michal_bacak_illustrations 、Patrik Kriššák @patrikkrissak 、Zeb One @zebone_ 和OBIC/Jakub Uksa @jakub_uksa ,透過多樣性風格呼應主題,藉此探索歐亞文化的深層聯繫。

“In Between” is an enchanting collaboration that unveils the intricate cultural connection between Europe and Asia. Presented by Yidi Art from Hong Kong in partnership with Chemistry Gallery in the Czech Republic, this exhibition showcases the captivating dialogue between these two regions through contemporary prints.

Within “In Between”, works by a group of talented artists, including Markéta Kolářová, Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková, Laura Limbourg, Maria Makeeva, Michal Bačák, Patrik Kriššák, Zeb One, and Jakub Uksa, come together to convey a compelling range of aesthetic languages, representing a diverse array of artistic styles and themes. This showcase invites everyone to explore the rich array of artistic expressions that arise from the cultural exchange between Europe and Asia.

🗓️ 2023年11月3日 至 11月16日

🕰️ 11am - 6pm ( 星期一至五 | 星期六敬請預約 )

📍 #YidiArt yidiartgallery

香港北角 屈臣道 4‐6 號 海景大廈 B座 605B室

▪資料及圖片由 YIDI ART 提供


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