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YIDI Art Gallery "Ani" Parn Aniwat「 Chasing Rainbow 」

YIDI Art Gallery 正為現居美國德州的泰藉藝術家 Ani 舉辦其首次個人展覽 「 Chasing Rainbow 」,展出一系列油畫及木雕作品,邀請觀眾踏上一段異想天開、充滿活力的奇幻藝術旅。 這系列的畫作和木雕均頌揚了色彩在連接動物世界和人類社會的強大作用。充滿活力的色調消除了物種之間的障礙,提醒觀者生物之間存在著深刻的聯繫。成雙成對的油畫與木雕於展覽中一拼展示, 這種獨特展示方式將 Ani 的作品及其角色從 「 平面 」 帶到了 「 三維空間 」,加深了觀者的想像空間,使其更具互動性及吸引力。 YIDI Art Gallery is presenting the first solo exhibition "Chasing Rainbow" for artist "Ani" Parn Aniwat, who is originally from Thailand but now lives in Texas, USA. The exhibition showcases a series of oil paintings and wood carvings that take viewers on a whimsical and vibrant journey through a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors. Each painting and sculpture celebrates the powerful role of color in bridging the worlds of animals and humans. The vibrant hues dissolve the barriers between species, reminding us of the profound connection that exists between all living beings. Ani's sculptures are displayed alongside the matching paintings. This unique combination enhances the audience's experience by bringing the artwork from the two-dimensional realm to the three-dimensional, making it more engaging and delightful. ▪關於藝術家 "Ani" #ParnAniwat ( @wood.youmind @ParnAniwat ) 在泰國出生和長大,是一位對藝術充滿熱情的當代藝術家,目前居住在美國德克薩斯州。從小熱愛雕刻,Ani 最初只是在課堂上無聊用鉛筆雕刻。Ani 堅信藝術能感染他人,使人變得更好、更具同理心,希望透過藝術,讓人們重拾兒時的單純快樂,或是青春的純粹美麗。 Ani, born and raised in Thailand, is a passionate contemporary artist currently based in Texas, USA. Ani discovered his love for carving at a young age when he skillfully whittle stick figures out of pencils during class. Ani believes that art has the power to transform individuals, making them better, more empathetic beings. He believes that his art can rekindle the pure and unadulterated joy of youth. 🗓️ 2023年8月15日 至 9月28日 🕰️ 11am - 6pm (星期一至五) | 敬請經電郵或致電預約 (星期六) 📍 # @yidiartgallery #yidiartgallery 香港北角 屈臣道 4-6 號 海景大廈B座 605B室 ▪資料及圖片由 YIDI Art Gallery 提供 #arlevard #artapp #hkartgallery #hkartfair #hkartexhibition #雅來藝聚 #香港藝術 #香港藝術展覽 #個人展覽


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