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Volker Hermes 為何這位藝術家隱藏了名畫中的臉孔?

Why has this artist hidden the faces in masterpieces?

 Forget focusing on the facial expressions; German artist #VolkerHermes invites us to revel in a wild carnival of absurd masks, flamboyant fabrics, gaudy ribbons, and snazzy wigs through his #HiddenPortraits . Old masters were the trendsetters back then, much like today‘s fashionistas. In a daring twist, Hermes digitally re-works portraits from museum collections, obscuring faces with layers of vibrant eccentricity.

 It’s not just about the human subject; it‘s about the funky fashion and poses that once ruled the canvas. Through playful exaggeration of historical manners and social hierarchies, the artist challenges us to ponder the representation of fashion and societal norms in art.

 “Hidden Portraits“ is a vibrant exploration of the ties between history, fashion and individual freedom. As you journey through this visual spectacle, consider the profound questions raised by Hermes - Does society still dictate our choices in clothing and self-expression, or are we truly free to don what we please?

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🎥 National Gallery (2023)


藉着浮誇有趣的表達方式,他揭示了歷史習俗和社會階級制度,啟發我們思考藝術所呈現的時尚和社會規範 。

《 隱藏肖像 》 為我們帶來的是對歷史、時尚和個人自由的深度探索。在欣賞這場視覺盛宴的同時,請深入思考赫爾墨斯提出的問題:社會是否仍主宰我們對服裝和自我表達?而我們又可真正自主地做我們喜歡做的事情嗎?

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