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Vanessa Barragão 一位以回收物料編織的藝術家

葡萄牙藝術家 Vanessa Barragão 自幼在海邊長大,海洋為她帶來源源不絕的創作靈感。然而,面對氣候變化的嚴峻問題,她希望能藉著作品提醒大家對海洋生態的重視。

Barragão尤其擅長使用回收和環保物料來創作她的作品。 她運用刺繡、閂鉤、鉤編、編織等傳統技法,以及具層次感、立體感的表達手法,栩栩如生地詮釋海底的樣貌。隨著她的作品越來越受到關注,參展邀約變多,她的妹妹、母親和祖母都加入了團隊幫忙,每一位都在團隊中各司其職。

Growing up by the sea, Portuguese artist Vanessa Barragão has always found inspiration in the ocean. Now, faced with the realities of climate change, she hopes to remind us about marine ecology through her artwork.

Barragão is especially skilled at using recycled and environmentally friendly materials to create her pieces. She employs traditional techniques such as embroidery, hooking, crocheting, and knitting, as well as layered and three-dimensional expressions, to vividly convey the appearance of the seabed.

As her work gains more attention and invitations to participate in exhibitions pour in, Vanessa’s sister, mother, and grandmother have all joined the team to help. Together, they each play an important role in bringing Vanessa‘s vision to life.

▪資料及圖片轉載自 Vanessa Barragão Studio


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