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Shishi San 世上最溫暖的花瓶 沿着紗線尋找回憶與身分

Shishi San( 生於 1993 年)是一位來自比利時布魯塞爾的多元紡織藝術家,以遊走在設計和美術之間的簇絨花瓶而成名。

一直敢於學習新事物的她,於 2019 年開始自學簇絨藝術。雖然至今她偶爾也會使用其他紡織方法,但簇絨已成為她主要創作方式,而在過去的四年間,她已靈活掌握簇絨藝術。為了令作品保持創新,她積極為她的作品添加新的形狀、顏色和圖紋。

Shishi San 出生於越南,自小時候就被一對比利時夫婦收養,這對她的藝術實踐有著深遠的影響 。她主要靈感來源來自越南文化與中國、日本和韓國彼此間的緊密聯繫﹐以及東南亞的共同的歷史。她亦從民間傳說和傳統中汲取靈感,採用他們的視覺特質,同時添上自己的個人經歷,從而創作一系列體現心靈、文化傳承的作品。

自2022年起,她突破傳統 #簇絨藝術 的平面限制,成功開發簇絨藝術的雕塑潛力,首創了立體簇絨花瓶。憑藉鮮豔的色彩和自然紋理,她的簇絨花瓶創作很快就在國際上得到認可,並成為她的標誌。

Shishi San (b. 1993) is a multidisciplinary textile artist based in Brussels known for blurring the lines between Design and Fine Arts with her #fluffyvases .

Adopted by a Belgian couple when she was still very young, Shishi San is originally from Vietnam, which has inspired her artistic practice tremendously. Vietnamese culture being heavily linked to China, Japan and Korea, through their shared history, East and Southeast Asia are her main source of inspiration. Shishi San explores her cultural legacy by drawing inspiration from their folklore and traditions, adopting their visual identity whilst adding a touch of her own personal history to create a body of work that embodies her psyche.

Since 2022, Shishi San broke free from the two-dimensional constraints imposed by traditional tufting to explore its sculptural potential. Breaking away from conventional tufting, she created her first fluffy vase, a three-dimensional tufted vase. With their vibrant colours and organic motifs, her vases have very quickly become recognised internationally and have become her trademark.

更多藝術資料,請追蹤 @arlevard

▪資料及圖片轉載自Shishi San


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