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SEEFOOD ROOM / Margot Bird:Diving Boards and Vehicles

SEEFOOD ROOM / Margot Bird:Diving Boards and Vehicles

SEEFOOD ROOM 現正呈獻由 Ascend Projects 策劃的 Margot Bird 個人展覽 「 Diving Boards and Vehicles 」 。

Margot Bird 創作時憑直覺落筆,將載滿個人色彩的超現實貓臉圖案加入她的畫作之中。在《 汽車系列 》中,她描繪了自己的藝術家朋友駕駛著汽車,在她想像中的風景裡航行。她相信藝術家能夠為想像賦予生命力,因此希望藉著這些妙想天開的作品為創作者們帶來靈感。

在另一面,《 跳水板系列 》中的靜物畫描繪了放置在跳水板末端、或是懸浮在叢林之中的各種水果和豆類。這系列的靜物畫隱藏了一絲絲詼諧感,令人不禁沉思:跳水板在震動的一刻,作品中的「 靜物 」是否仍然平靜?這些作品引領觀眾登上跳水板,究竟這些瓜果會向上反彈?還是會墮入未知的空間中?

在 Margot Bird 超現實的幻想世界中,可愛的貓臉圖案正在提示我們:是時候進入畫作中的幻想之窗,跳進這個奇幻的未知世界!

SEEFOOD ROOM Gallery is proudly presenting Diving Boards and Vehicles, a Margot Bird solo exhibition curated by Ascend Projects.

Bird opts for an innately whimsical approach when working. She lets her intuition take over the paint brush, placing her subjects in surrealistic backdrops filled with her signature feline icons. First came the Vehicles - portraits of renowned artists at the wheels of imagined vehicles, cruising through Bird’s shifting dreamscapes. She believes artists have the polished ability to give life to their imaginations, and so she endowed them with fantasy mobiles for creators in search of their inspirations.

Then came the Diving Boards - Bird placed an assortment of fruits and legumes on the end of a diving board, suspended amongst meandering shrubberies. The series alludes to still life studies, albeit with a witty twist. Where is the stillness of it all, when diving boards are associated with volatility? The ‘still’ lifes offer the audience a space for rumination whilst mounting the diving board. Will the crop merely bounce anticlimactically? Or will it be catapulted into the vast unknown?

After all, the feline faces dotted across Bird’s macrocosm endearingly remind us of the surrealness of her imagined universe. Instead, take a peek through the clothed windows of her canvases, and leap into the fantastical unknown!

🗓️ 2024年6月14日 至 7月6日

🕰️ 12pm - 7pm ( 星期二至五 ) | 12pm - 5pm ( 星期六 )

香港半山 太子臺 一號地下


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