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SEEFOOD ROOM Gallery / Art Central 2024 ( Booth C17 )

VIP preview:

Wednesday 27 March 14:00 - 18:00

Public viewing:

Thursday 28 March 12:00 - 17:00

Friday 29 March 12:00 - 18:00

Saturday 30 March 11:00 - 19:00

Sunday 31 March 11:00 - 17:00

Booth C17, Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong

Chu’s series offers an evocative space for discourse and rumination. Her virtuosity is epitomised by her meticulous use of colours and textures as she enlivens the silent giants in her multidimensional compositions.

Chu calls our attention to the omnipresence of media in the twenty-first century - the technicoloured pixels flooded into our lives when the world became accessible from a rectangle piece of liquid-crystal display. As digital nomads, we wander and feed on the amalgamation of hues, letters and vibrations that inadvertently alter our chemistry.

To Chu, humans are akin to trees. We become what we consume - with nutrients, we flourish and blossom; With poison, we wilt and rot. In this series, the soil in which the perennial subjects feed on entwines them with tints of obscure colours. Chu paints eccentric portraits for our metaphorical counterparts in ethereal backdrops for the audience to embrace a moment of cosmic stillness amidst the dynamic metropolis. We are reminded that we are a vibrant palimpsest of our empirical contiguity, in which individuality is manifested and celebrated.

The surrealist landscapes created by Chu doubled as her biopic of her personal experience with Tourette’s syndrome. Her artworks are a means of cathartic release as each twitching stroke confronts the societal demarcation surrounding normality. With each roaring slash lacerating the horizon, Chu depicts her struggles and desire to navigate the absurd universe whilst she cultivates a sense of hope as a cosmic nomad.


(b. 1997, Hong Kong) | INSTAGRAM

Liane Chu is an emerging artist pursuing an MFA at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Experimental Art and Technology) in Beijing. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary arts and she experiments with mixed media, including painting, sculpting, and installation art.

Chu subscribes to the concept of simultaneous self-healing and self-liberation - she perceives the world freely and injects her desires and identity into her art. The colours depict her fragmented world filled with her yearning for catharsis. The twitching lines and absurd colours represent the tension between 'the normal' and 'the abnormal' respectively in a Post-impressionist and Surrealist manner.

Chu's artworks inspire audiences to reflect on the forged dichotomy between normality and abnormality. She believes that the existence of abnormality is what manifests creativity as the dissonance adds a sense of unique brilliance. Additionally, her comic-like art style is an homage to our lost innocence as Chu hopes for the audience to live freely and authentically.

Chu's works have been exhibited in prestigious institutions worldwide, including Hong Kong, Paris, London, New York, and Finland. Recent exhibitions include Aurora Museum, Shanghai (2023), SKP-S, Beijing and Xi-an (2023), and K11, Guangzhou (2024).


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