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Oceanwide Plaza Los Angeles 塗鴉藝術邁向新高度?

數十名匿名藝術家潛入洛杉磯一座閒置中、27 層高的房地產項目,為它塗上充滿活力、大膽的塗鴉字句。這座未完工的大樓最初是由泛海廣場斥資 10 億美元作投資項目,但自 2019 年以來一直擱置至今。

這班藝術家們眾志成「 樓 」,花了數天時間對這座建築物進行塗鴉,令平淡無奇的摩天大樓搖身一變出位打卡點。塗鴉在主流文化中一直引起很大的爭議,今次事件重新引發了一場長久以來的爭論:



Are these graffiti rogues taking art to new heights?

Dozens of anonymous artists infiltrated a Los Angeles skyscraper, tagging over 27 floors of the abandoned real-estate development with vibrant, bold graffiti letters.

Originally a $1 billion venture by #OceanwidePlaza, the three unfinished towers have sat vacant since 2019.

This collective effort saw artists dedicating days to spray-painting the complex, turning the bland skyscrapers into a prominent landmark.

Graffiti’s controversy has always had a place in mainstream culture. It rekindles the age-old debate:

“Is it art /or vandalism?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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