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Josh Gluckstein / 紙皮再生術

Josh Gluckstein / 紙皮再生術

#JoshGluckstein @joshglucksteinartist 是來自倫敦的野生動物藝術家。他自幼對野生動物著迷,因此走遍了亞洲、東非和南美,與他最喜歡的一眾動物們作近距離接觸,例如在馬來西亞與海龜和鯊魚一起潛水,以及在斯里蘭卡與大像一起徒步旅行,這些冒險經歷都成為了創作寫實 #野生動物 雕塑的靈感來源。


他以撕碎、剪裁和拼合紙皮等技巧,創作大象、靈長類動物、穿山甲和大型貓科動物等栩栩如生的動物肖像雕塑,並利用紙皮的不同色調和材質打造獨特的細節和紋理,且不會造成任何浪費;有時候他亦會薄添油漆提升作品的像真度和結構性。Gluckstein 時常在同一時間進行多個雕塑創作,取決於雕塑的大小和複雜程度,作品製作需時一周到幾個月不等。

Josh Gluckstein, a wildlife artist from London. Since Gluckstein’s childhood, he has been fascinated by the wildlife. Hence, he traveled across Asia, East Africa, and South America, he encountered many of his favourite animals up close, from diving with sea turtles and sharks in Malaysia to trekking with elephants in Sri Lanka. These adventures now serve as inspiration for his life-size animal sculptures.

With his aims to raise awareness for endangered species through his art and contribute to their preservation, thus he insists using recycled cardboard and various other found materials such like clothing from thrift shops or wood from old furniture.

He crafts lifelike portraits of elephants, primates, pangolins, and big cats utilising cardboard by tearing, cutting, and assembling pieces together. The varied tones and textures of cardboard allow him to emphasise unique details and textures, all without generating any waste. He sometimes applies thin washes of paint for added depth and detail. Gluckstein usually works on several sculptures at once, taking anywhere from a week to several months to complete, depending on the sculpture‘s size and intricacy level.

📷 Josh Gluckstein

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