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Jim Denevan Self Similar 沙漠島盛開 「 曼陀羅 」 帶給我們什麼啟示?

《 自我相似 》是 Jim Denevan 迄今最大規模的大地藝術裝置。在阿布扎比的巴特島上,他在一平方公里內合共佈置了448個金字塔形沙堆。這些沙堆以「 曼陀羅 」圖案向外擴展,象徵生命短暫性和與自然的聯繫。



“Self Similar”, located on Abu Dhabi’s Fahid Island, is one of Jim Denevan’s largest land art installations. He arranged 448 pyramid-shaped mounds in a mandala pattern, representing the transience of life and human’s connection to nature.

The pyramid-shaped mounds vary in size, with the smallest one only half a meter high and the largest soars 27 meters high. When viewed from above, the art installation appears like a crop circle in the desert, or a site full of unknown civilisations.

Denevan specialises in creating land art using sandy soil. His works vanish due to factors such as wind, rain, and climate change, demonstrating the vulnerability of material and form when confronted by nature.

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▪資料及圖片轉載自Jim Denevan


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