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James Cook 授命以「 打字機 」繪英女皇肖像

在過去的 9 年間,英國藝術家 #JamesCook@jamescookartwork 使用了近 60 台 #打字機 創作了 300 多幅畫作,當中大部分打字機都是由他的粉絲所捐贈。Cook 創作了各種尺寸的作品,從小小明信片,到大大捲的紙張。 他會利用「 分段建圖 」創作較大型的作品,亦時常在作品中隱藏著與合作項目相關的故事背景、隱藏訊息或文字。

Cook 的作品引起了一線名人和公眾人物的注意,他給打字機愛好者 #TomHanks 寄了一張肖像,並驚訝地收到了他的回信。他更曾受命為前王室官職人員繪製已故 #女王伊麗莎白二世 的肖像,以換取白金漢宮皇家秘書以前使用的一台打字機。

他也曾為多位名人提供打字服務,包括 #KellyClarkson#BenShephard#KateGarraway#HollyWilloughby#PhilipSchofield 等。

Over the past nine years, James Cook has created over 300 typewritten drawings using nearly 60 typewriters. Most of the typewriters were donated by his fans. James Cook creates artwork in various sizes, from postcard-sized to large rolls of paper. He constructs bigger drawings in sections, allowing for more significant creations than traditional paper-feed. The drawings often contain concealed messages or words related to the project’s backstory.

Cook’s work has garnered attention from A-list celebrities and public figures. He sent a portrait to fellow typewriter enthusiast Tom Hanks and was surprised to receive a letter from him in return. He was commissioned to draw a portrait of the late H.M Queen Elizabeth II for a former royal household member, in exchange for a typewriter previously used by the Royal Clerk at Buckingham Palace.

Cook has also provided typing services for various celebrities, including Kelly Clarkson and cast members from Doctor Who, as well as news presenters such as Ben Shephard, Kate Garraway, Holly Willoughby, and Philip Schofield for their TV appearances.

▪資料及圖片轉載自 James Cook


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