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Jackson Shaner 萬聖節女王收藏 怪奇魔幻陶壺

Jackson Shaner 的超現實陶藝作品並非為人所接受 , 因他的陶器上瓶身上向四方延伸的詭臉和小手,彷彿就是被囚禁的靈魂拼命地試圖逃離他們的束縛。 Shaner 的作品既發人深省又令人不安,迫使我們思考被困在其中的靈魂的身份。

Shaner 的藝術視野受到多種來源的啟發,包括古典雕塑、當代陶瓷、奇幻和恐怖。 他作品的情感深度反映在他對《 我的現代大都會 》的聲明中,他解釋說他的陶器是情感遏制的隱喻。Shaner 補充說,他經常隱藏自己的情感,唯有在特定情況下讓自己軟弱顯露出來。

適逢近日#萬聖節#萬聖節女王#HeidiKlum heidiklum 也收藏了 Shaner 的作品,這對Shaner 是個極大對他來說是很大的肯定和支持。

Jackson Shaner‘s surreal pottery creations are not for the faint of heart. With their screaming faces and tiny hands, they appear to be the keepers of trapped souls, desperately trying to escape their confines. Despite the malleable strength of the vessels, these beings are unable to break free. Shaner’s work is both thought-provoking and unnerving, forcing us to ponder on the identities of the trapped souls within.

Shaner‘s artistic vision is inspired by a diverse range of sources, including classical sculpture, contemporary ceramics, fantasy, and horror. The emotional depth of his work is reflected in his statement to “My Modern Met”, where he explains that his pottery serves as a metaphor for emotional containment. Shaner adds that he often internalizes his emotions, allowing himself to be vulnerable only in specific situations.

Recently the Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum heidiklum also purchased Shaner’s works, which is a great affirmation and support for Shaner.

▪資料及圖片轉載自 Jackson Shaner


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