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Jack Winthrop 刻劃靈魂的圖騰 以抽象解構現實

Jack Winthrop是一位來自美國明尼蘇達州的藝術家(生於1989年),在紐約市生活和工作十年後,最近移居洛杉磯。Winthrop畢業於紐約市視覺藝術學院,獲得美術學士學位,主修平面設計。 Winthrop正深入研究定義自發性,他認為藝術反映了居住在內心深處的想法,是一種從生產和生成過程中出現的流動意識狀態。 Winthrop大部的畫作都選擇在大型畫布上進行創作,而作品涉獵多種風格和主題,挑戰傳統並在美術和街頭文化之間的界限探索。 Winthrop尋求突破常規,他認為藝術創作像是一面鏡過濾自己的思想想法。他亦嘗試從素描、繪畫和創作中學到的技術作不斷發展,再以抽象的方式加以剖析和融合。他以不同形式、顏色、構圖、平衡、張力和美學來部署、判斷他的創作。他天醉心於研究人類學,期望以他獨有的筆觸加以演繹。 Winthrop is an accomplished artist from Minnesota, USA (Born 1989) who recently moved to Los Angeles after living and working in New York City for a decade. Winthrop graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a BFA majoring in graphic design. Currently Winthrop delves into defining spontaneity, his art reflects something that resides deep within. A flow state that emerges from the process of production and generation. Art as spirituality or meaningful introspection. Searching for meaning in the conceptual speculation of what it means to leave your mark. Winthrop almost exclusively works in large scale paintings on canvas. Manoeuvring between an eclectic range of styles and subjects he challenges the conventional and explores the boundaries between fine art and street culture. Winthrop breaks down the human form creating work that he feels creates a mirror that transcends the filter we perceive as ourselves. He explores the tools and materials in which compose his voice. Evolving the techniques he’s learned from drawing, painting, and creating his entire life by dissecting and dissolving them through abstraction. He deploys refined and sophisticated judgements through form, color, composition, balance, tension and aesthetic. He is engrossed by and studies the human condition. Translating and transforming it using strokes of the brush. 🖼️ COURAGE (2022) by Jack Winthrop @paintbyjack ▪資料及圖片轉載自 Jack Winthrop #arlevard #30secartnews #artapp #hkartgallery #hkartfair #hkartexhibition #artreel #雅來藝聚 #香港藝術 #香港藝術展覽 #個人展覽 #塗鴉系 #塗鴉藝術 #streetart #contemporaryart #modernart #artcollector #artgallery #fineart #abstract #abstraction #surrealism


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