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Hilton Owen 現實、抽象、具象的互相交錯

Hilton Owen 是一位來自維多利亞卡斯爾梅恩的澳洲藝術家。他的作品糅合了現實主義、抽象和具象風格,營造出獨特且深具想像力的現代生活與時尚呈現。他經常參考照片,為每幅油畫繪製草圖,然後通過大量形態、線條和色彩修改來完成作品。

Owen 的靈感來自各種不同的藝術風格。這些藝術風格包括現代主義抽象、20 世紀初的具象繪畫、當代設計、時尚、裝飾藝術,以及如 #FrancisBacon#BridgetRiley#CarmenHerrera 等個人藝術家的作品。

Owen 曾舉辦過 16 次個展,獲得多項藝術獎。在塔斯馬尼亞大學完成美術學位時,他在 18 歲和 19 歲時舉辦的兩次個展全數售罄。2019 年,Owen 獲得維多利亞藝術學院頒發的繪畫榮譽學位,并被選為該大學參加尼諾桑西奧洛藝術獎的代表。

Hilton Owen is an Australian artist from Castlemaine, Victoria, whose paintings merge realist, abstract, and figurative styles to create distinctive and evocative representations of modern life, fashion, and imagination. He frequently references photographs and sketches out a composition on each canvas before making numerous changes to the forms, lines, and colours until the finished piece emerges.

Owen’s inspirations are diverse and far-reaching, encompassing various creative disciplines. These include modernist abstraction, figurative painting from the early 20th century, contemporary design, fashion, Art Deco, and individual artists such as Francis Bacon, Bridget Riley, and Carmen Herrera, among others.

Owen is an accomplished painter with 16 solo exhibitions and multiple art prizes. He sold out two solo exhibitions at the ages of 18 and 19 while completing his Fine Arts degree at the University of Tasmania. He obtained an Honours degree in painting from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2019 and was chosen to represent the university in the Nino Sanciolo Art Prize.

▪資料及圖片轉載自 Hilton Owen


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