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David Popa 攀山涉水的大地藝術家

最近,Popa 在埃爾奧拉的黑格拉考古遺址開展了他最雄心勃勃的創作項目,製作了一件極具紀念意義的作品,由兩隻巨大的手掌環繞守護利哈揚之墓。這是他迄今為止最重要、要求最高的項目,每隻手掌的長度都超過 100 米,環繞著沙烏地阿拉伯最具標誌性的景點之一。這件藝術品鼓勵阿盧拉人民以保護他們過去的歷史遺跡為基礎,建設充滿驚喜和希望的未來。

過去,Popa 亦曾以有趣的冒險探索作為靈感,嘗試用冰薄作為非傳統的畫布創作。這些短暫的作品需要快速創作和記錄,因為它們很快便會融化和消失。作品的完成時間從 3 到 6 小時不等,並受到海面天氣因素影響。 


American land artist David Popa, currently residing in Finland, specializes in creating large-scale portraits on both land and sea. His artwork delves into the intricate connection between human existence and the surrounding environment, exploring themes of transformation, time, seasons, and climate.

Recently, Popa undertook his most ambitious project at the Hegra archaeological site in AlUla, crafting a monumental piece featuring two protective hands encircling the Tomb of Lihyan. It is his most significant and demanding project so far, featuring hands that each span over 100 meters in length, cradling one of the most iconic sites in Saudi Arabia. This artwork encourages the people of Alula to safeguard their heritage and preserve the past to pave the way for a stunning and promising future.

In the past, Popa experimented with unconventional canvases such as frozen masses, drawing inspiration from adventure and playful exploration. These ephemeral works required rapid creation and documentation as they melted and vanished swiftly. The duration for completing his pieces ranges from 3 to 6 hours, influenced by weather conditions and sea state.

What are your thoughts on these massive, yet fast-disappearing works? Welcome to leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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