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Dave Pollot / 舊畫作「 升級再造 」達人

Dave Pollot / 舊畫作「 升級再造 」達人

來自紐約的 Dave Pollot 是一位軟件工程師兼藝術家。在業餘時間,他會到舊物店或車庫拍賣中尋找一些被遺忘的舊畫作進行升級再造,藉着將當代元素和普通的肖像、風景畫的無縫融合,打造與原作品毫無違和感的奇趣畫作。

他手法純熟地完美配搭不同的色彩和風格,匹對原作藝術家所使用的技術。令人腦洞大開的場境融合了各種不合時宜和超現實的元素,例如一艘沉沒在鄉郊池塘的星戰飛船,或者看看E.T 如何修復畫框。 

自 2012 年,他便開始這條創作之路,起初這個想法其實是源自於他和妻子Becca 之間的打趣玩笑,沒想到這竟會成了他們一起的長期合作。Becca 負責搜尋那些被遺忘的舊畫作,而 Dave 則以其知名的鬼馬叙事方式,將這些作品搖身一變,變成幽默感十足的作品,而當從他這些舊作中選上畫作後,一般都會花上 8 到 36 個小時埋頭苦幹為這些作品賦予新生命。

Dave 指他的工作為他帶來前所未有的樂趣,不單有助協調思維的邏輯性和創造性,更讓他有機會進一步和各路志同道合的流行文化愛好者合作。

Dave Pollot, a software engineer and artist from New York, dedicates his spare time to upcycling old, overlooked paintings discovered in thrift stores or garage sales. By seamlessly integrating contemporary elements into ordinary portraits and landscapes, he crafts amusing compositions that seamlessly blend with the original artwork.

Dave employs his skilled method to flawlessly blend colours and styles to match the original artist’s techniques. The surprising scenes incorporate out-of-place and unrealistic elements, for example, a Star Wars spacecraft submerged in a countryside pond, or E.T. fixing the broken frame of the painting.

Initially, the idea began as a joke between his wife Becca who loves to shop at thrift stores. However, this would become their long-term team effort - while Becca dedicates her time in finding overlooked artworks, Pollot, known for his witty approach to storytelling, transforms these pieces into humorous re-creations. After choosing a painting from his collection of thrift art, he spends anywhere from 8 to 36 hours transforming the work.

He finds great joy in his work as it helps him harmonize the logical and creative aspects of his thinking, and gives him the chance to collaborate with highly intelligent and creative individuals who are deeply engaged in pop culture.

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