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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 大型裝置藝術觸目登場

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 大型藝術裝置觸目登場

一年一度的 Coachella 音樂藝術節 @coachella 在美國加州 Empire Polo Club舉行,為參加者帶來了一系列由國際藝術家、設計師和建築師設計的大型裝置藝術作品。本年度由藝術總監和 Goldenvoice @goldenvoice 及 Public Art Company @publicartcompany 聯手合作推出了三個以探索現實和想像為題的創新大型裝置藝術。

▌Morag Myerscough 《 Dancing In The Sky 》

英國藝術家 Morag Myerscough @moragmyerscough 為這藝術節打造了一個動感十足、佔地125 x 125 英尺展覽面積的大型裝置,其中塔樓配有充滿搖滾元素的觸目圖騰,藝術家望以此突顯天空的變幻,為遊客打造一個溫馨、平靜的沉浸式體驗空間。

▌Hannah 《 Monarchs:A House in Six Parts 》

來自Hannah 設計工作室 的康奈爾大學教授 Leslie Lok 和Sasa Zivkovic 設計的《 Monarchs:A House in Six Parts 》以3D 打印技術在混凝土底座上打造高合板塔,同時配合魅力十足的夜間燈光設計觸目登場。

▌Nebbia 《 Babylon 》

來自 Nebbia 工作室 的設計師 Brando Posocco 和 Madhav Kidao 在倫敦製作的《 Babylon 》裝置,完美結合半圓形和幾何設計為賣點,作品共佔 60 x 60 英尺展覽面積,其環保結構以鋼框架及純素材料製成,為一眾遊客帶來新頴的沉浸式體驗。

The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California boasts an array of large-scale installations by global artists, designers, and architects at the Empire Polo Club. This year, three innovative installations exploring reality and imagination were introduced by the Public Art Company,  in collaboration with Coachella’s art director and Goldenvoice.

▌Dancing In The Sky by Morag Myerscough

British artist Morag Myerscough designed a vibrant 125 by 125-foot installation at a festival, featuring towers with bold patterns and swaying elements to highlight the changes in the sky, creating a welcoming and calming environment for visitors.

▌Monarchs: A House in Six Parts by Hannah

“Monarchs” by Cornell University professors Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic from Hannah design studio, features tall plywood towers on 3D-printed concrete bases, with striking designs and captivating night-time lighting displays.

▌Babylon by Nebbia

Designers Brando Posocco and Madhav Kidao from Nebbia studio, created the “ Babylon ” installation in London, featuring a combination of semi-circle and geometric design standing 60 feet tall and covering a 60 x 60 feet area. The structure is made of a steel frame with plant-based insulation for a textured surface, inviting visitors to explore its core.


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