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Cho Gi-Seok / 與大自然的靜謐共生的攝影美學

Cho Gi-Seok / 與大自然的靜謐共生的攝影美學

韓國視覺藝術家 Cho Gi-Seok ( 生於 1992 年 ) 以獨特視覺呈現演變中的「 韓國人身份 」,藉着融合傳統與前衛元素,他的攝影作品深入對「 美 」的探討,打造出非傳統、異世界般的畫面。 在 2019 年《 花卉研究 》系列中,他首先為鮮花拍攝特寫,然後,捕捉模特兒與花之間的相似,透過花卉和人像的雙聯照片,呈現兩者在色彩與特徵上的共通點,而最為重要的 —— 是在神態上之契合。他「 花卉 」作為創作核心,它象徵著和諧、生命力,以及人類與大自然的靜謐共生。 

These Portraits are Not A.I. Generated. Korean visual artist Cho Gi-Seok (born in 1992) conveys his unique vision of the evolving Korean identity. By blending traditional influences with avant-garde elements, his photography works delve into themes of beauty, crafting unconventional images that evoke an otherworldly charm. In his 2019 series “Flower Study,” Cho photographs the portrait of fresh flowers and then, captures the likeness of a human model. Through diptychs of flowers and individuals, this series emphasizes their similarities in colors, features, and most importantly, a matching attitude. The flowers, a common motif in his works, represent harmony, longevity, and our tranquil link with nature. 

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