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Antonio Santín / 他不用一針一線 「 織 」 超寫實立體飛毯

Antonio Santín / 他不用一針一線 「 織 」 超寫實立體飛毯

西班牙藝術家 #AntonioSantín 的超寫實主義「 #掛毯 」融合了雕塑和繪畫。每當開始創作新作品,他都會仔細研究真實的地毯,觀察它們在成束、捲曲或折疊時的狀態。與傳統使用紗線編織的地毯不同,他的「 掛毯 」用顏料製成。

配合不同油畫顏料密度,他特制了一個空氣壓縮裝置,精準地掌握及控制顏料在畫布上的噴塗速度和用量。透過打造層層疊疊、數以十萬計的點線,他將平面畫作轉化為立體浮雕,玩弄光和影,從而創作出精細和質感的超現實「 掛毯 」畫作。

他在作品中運用的錯視效果 #trompeloeil 彌補了古典明暗對比 #chiaroscuro 與雕塑銅綠之間的差距,呈現出立體感十足的三維傑作,亦令觀眾好奇這是什麼創作媒材,甚至難以壓抑觸摸它的衝動。

Spanish artist Antonio Santín combines sculpture and painting in his hyperrealistic “tapestry”. He initiates each project by examining actual rugs, observing their status when bunched, curled, or folded. Unlike conventional woven carpets made with threads, these pieces are created using pigments.

Through the use of a pneumatic compressor tailored for different oil pigment densities, Santín precisely controls the speed and amount of paint applied to the canvas. By layering hundreds of thousands of dots and dashes, he converts plain surfaces into textured reliefs, playing with light and shadow. This method produces a detailed, textured, hyper-realistic representation of ornate rugs.

The trompe l’oeil effect is captivating, with layers of oil paint forming a shadow system that blends elements of classical chiaroscuro and sculptural patina. It‘s a three-dimensional masterpiece that prompts viewers to ponder the medium and resist the temptation to touch the surface.

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