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Amy Shackleton / 將畫布反轉再反轉 竟靠 「 地心吸力 」 創作?

Amy Shackleton / 將畫布反轉再反轉 竟靠 「 地心吸力 」 創作?

加拿大藝術家 #AmyShackleton @amyshackletonart 生於1986 年。在她想像的未來中,城市與大自然緊緊相連。她遊歷全球並從中汲取靈感,將多個地方的景像相互融合於畫作之中,創造出一系列融和都市建築與自然景觀的絕讚畫作。


Canada-based artist Amy Shackleton (b. 1986) imagines a future where cities and nature are connected. Drawing inspiration from her global travels, she merges imagery from multiple locations into a single scene, creating vibrant acrylic paintings that merge architecture with organic landscapes.

Shackleton achieves both the organic shapes found in the environment and the straight lines of modern buildings without the use of a paintbrush. Instead, she applies paint with squeeze bottles, and rotates the canvas to control the direction of each drip. As a result, she produces portals into a dream world that is suspended between the future and imagination, hoping for a harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature.

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