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AMKK / 征服冰雪的花與花藝師

#東信花樹研究所 由著名日本花藝師 Azuma Makoto 領導,是一家專門研究花卉和植物的實驗工作室。東信花樹研究所透過探索各類型花卉和植物最鮮為人知的特性,務求以最佳的藝術方式呈現並提升花卉和植物藝術設計的存在價值。

Azuma Makoto’s Floral Experiment

AMKK is a creative studio specializes in experimental floral and botanical creations, led by the renowned Japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto. By exploring the most enigmatic aspects of flowers and plants and transforming them into artistic expressions, AMKK aims to elevate the existential value of floral design.

Creative Studio @amkk_project

Flower Artist @azumamakoto

Botanical Photographer @shiinokishunsuke


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