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2024 新年快樂 蛙王出神入化的任次元

一副眼鏡就可以讓你踏入 #元宇宙 ?這不是Meta 的出品,而是來自蛙王的 「 一秒人體藝術 」。只要戴上蛙王特製的眼鏡,任何人都可以成為行為藝術家,跳躍於蛙王的「 #任次元 」。

 #蛙王 @frogkingkwokhk ,本名#郭孟浩 ,從事多媒體藝術超過半世紀,為香港出席意大利 #威尼斯雙年展 的第一人。蛙王的作品獨特奇妙,將墨色融入青蛙形象中,表現人類文明和自然之間的關係,結合塗鴉和書法寫成中英夾雜,並且帶表現主義筆觸的「 三文治字體 」。

早於 1979 年,蛙王在北京天安門廣場完成 《 #郭在北京 》行為藝術項目。他那前尖性、大膽的行為藝術表演,奠定他成為香港概念藝術先驅的地位。時至今日,蛙王已有十二幅個人作品被納入M+ 博物館的創作藏品系列,進一步確立其非凡成就。

Arlevard 祝願各位在新的一年可以如蛙王般活力滿載,在 2024 年開創的無限可能!

Dive into the Metaverse in 2024. And no, we’re not talking about the Zuckerberg company…

Transform into a performance artist and explore Frog King’s ’Free Dimension‘ by slipping on the mind-bending ’One-second Human Art‘ Glasses just like David Bowie! But don’t worry, you don‘t need to be a superstar to don these glasses. Frog King will snap anyone he comes across, a testament to his values that art is for everyone.

Frog King, aka Kwok Mang-ho, a multimedia maverick for nearly 60 years, intertwines ink and frogs to narrate the dance of civilization and nature. His revolutionary ’Sandwich Font‘ merges graffiti and calligraphy, uniting Chinese and English in an explosive expressionist fusion.

In 1979, he pioneered performance art in China, staging plastic bag installations in Tiananmen Square. You can see 12 of his groundbreaking pieces adorning the prestigious M+ Museum collection, showcasing his visionary impact on Asian conceptual art.

Arlevard wishes you a year as vibrant and lively as Frog King, leaping into the endless possibilities of 2024!

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