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金守子 Kimsooja / 顛倒巴黎商業交易所 明鏡止水的懸浮宇宙

金守子 Kimsooja / 顛倒巴黎商業交易所 明鏡止水的懸浮宇宙

皮諾私人美術館邀請韓國藝術家 #金守子 #Kimsooja 參展「 Le monde comme il va 」 ,她的大型裝置藝術《 呼吸 — 星座 To Breathe – Constellation 》一度引發熱議。




Are you ready to experience a world turned upside down ?

As part of the ”Le monde comme il va“ exhibition, South Korean artist Kimsooja’s installation ”To Breathe – Constellation“ in the Rotunda of the Bourse de Commerce features a grand mirror on the floor, transforming the space into a mesmerizing, ethereal environment that alters perceptions of gravity and space.

Visitors must wear overshoes to access this area. Skirts are not recommended and stilettos are forbidden. As visitors approach, the mirror reflects the architecture, transforming the space and creating an illusion of the sky opening beneath their feet.

Kimsooja hopes to create works that are like water and air, which we cannot possess but which can be shared with everyone. The mirror that she has used to cover the floor of the Rotunda of the Bourse de Commerce plays a similar role to that of the needle or of her own body. “The mirror replaces the body, observing and reflecting the other,” as she explains. The gaze functions as a thread, weaving through each person‘s depths, reconnecting reality and inner selves.

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