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中秋佳節 🌕 盤點 8 件著名的兔子藝術 🐇

Arlevard 祝願各位中秋佳節夜,人月倆團圓!




Arlevard would like to extend warm wishes to everyone on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Have a joyful and pleasant evening!

Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is often associated with images of cute rabbits hopping on the moon, these animals hold unique myths, legends, and symbolic meanings in both Chinese and Western culture and art. As a result, they appear in various works of art.

The Moon Rabbit, or Jade Rabbit, is a Chinese mythological character that lives on the moon and is often depicted pounding medicine in a mortar with a pestle. It is also found in Japanese and South Korean mythology, where it is associated with the making of mochi.

The rabbit represents various qualities in Western art, such as fertility, luck, creativity, compassion, and intuition. It's also linked with spring and new beginnings, signifying limitless possibilities.


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